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About Us

Be Bold, Minimal & Edgy. #swagmate 

Our purpose is to unite folks through positive streetwear to create a healthy mind state, activate tribes and support a fashionable playing field for all.

Swagmate is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on strategic partnerships with artists from around the world. The American company (clothing brand) was founded in 2013 in New York City. We also curate pop-ups in San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

We operate primarily on the Internet and allows our partners to sell their artwork as decoration on a variety of products. Products include prints, T-shirts, hoodies, cushions, duvet covers, leggings, stickers, skirts, scarves, and more. We offer open collaboration to artists who maintain the copyrights to their work, we regulate pricing, and decide which products may display their images.

Our brand caters to all cultures.

The Swagmate Store releases new products through our e-commerce website on a weekly basis in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, and South America.

The brand was founded by Mack. Although, they was born in New York City, he lived in Haiti until the late 80s. Mack is a people science enthusiast, pop culture marauder, sneaker-head, and nerd with attitude – basically a tech nerd that's doing it for the culture.

Swagmate stocks its own clothing label, and collaborates with a group of Nerds with Attitude to create customized apparel. We also carry Men’s Big and Tall sizes, ranging from 2x-5x in select cases.

Mack has also been quoted in saying that anything that “Swagmate releases will never be classified as limited," but notes that they make short runs of timeless products because they "don't want to get stuck with stuff nobody wants."

Swagmate is your number one destination for finding things that fit your style. 

Let us cater to your needs.

The Swagmate California Bear

Living the Dream.